What is E-motion studio?

A space where every movement creates emotion as a reaction, a space where through dance you release your sensual feminine energy, a space where exercise is not physical exertion but rather pleasure – that is E-motion studio.

Its doors are open to women of all ages in search of an alternative method of exercise which encourages physical exercise with ease, and at the same time achieving emotional balance. Together we awaken awareness of the importance of psycho-physical health and we change our perception of our bodies as well as changing the perception of the feminine art of exercising with a pole. Dance as exercise, but also as therapy, exercise as pure pleasure, is the mission that we have been living and breathing for fifteen years already.

A fusion of various fitness programs allows each woman to find her own dance activity that will allow her to feel satisfied. Besides exercise programs E-motion studio is a place of workshops, women socializing, connection, fun and charity work, and all with the goal of finding the inspiration for a healthier, happier more active lifestyle. We will prove to you that the miracles of physical transformation are not external to you, but rather within you.

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