AM Ballet
Barre Method

AM Ballet Barre Method is an expertly developed program inspired by ballet which does not require previous dance or ballet experience and represents exercise for the entire body and mind.

Am ballet barre method

AM Ballet Barre Method is an expertly developed program inspired by ballet which does not require previous dance or ballet experience and represents exercise for the entire body and mind.  It combines elements of ballet and Pilates, merging them into a special exercise technique with an emotional component. Unlike other Ballet Barre methods which are focused exclusively on physical transformation, here along with physical changes there is an equally important focus on emotional balance which makes this method progressive and authentic.

In ballet as well as in Pilates, there is a strong connection between the mind and the body because each movement that initially begins in the body transforms into positive energy. Both methods of exercise develop movement control in a unique way, strengthen concentration and allow you to become aware of the real truth about your body, letting yourself go and feeling it. This allows women to express their sensuality and to discard roughness and rigidity of movement. Through a combination of techniques, you will learn to open your body and help it come back into physical and emotional equilibrium. The physiognomy of the human body is intended for active movement, but our contemporary way of life has been transformed from mobile to sedentary. This every-day position has causes many women to experience neck pain, spine deviations and muscle weakness. Through this workout you give your body new patterns of movement, you strengthen the deepest layers of muscles which encase the skeletal system making it stronger, more resilient and more flexible. Through the use of only two props, the ballet barre and your body, you will flow into new physical challenges and sensual movements that awaken a sense of pleasure and comfort in the body. Just like a person feeds on knowledge and new experiences your body too strives for new understandings regardless of age or physical condition. The brain sets limits that the body does not know, if you surrender and free yourself of the bonds, you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

AM Ballet Barre Method Zagreb - Emotion Studio


60 minutes, twice a week

Exercise gear

Barefoot in comfortable exercise clothing

Emotional benefit

When you exercise to look good then you exercise only the muscles. However, if you say that you want to exercise in order to feel healthy, comfortable and happy in your body, then you are exercising something more important – your psychophysical health.

This workout allows you to do just that. In a dynamic, safe and fun way to give your body physical exercise with an emotional component which nurtures a feeling of sensuality, comfort and pleasure.

Physical benefit

Exercises that merge ballet and Pilates techniques into effective movements help you maintain your body seamlessly and strengthen the locomotor system of movement which consists of bones, muscles and the joints. Furthermore, it strengthens the muscular system, increasing range of movement and flexibility as well as improving body posture and abdominal strength and decreasing joint pain. Along with physical benefits, women are also attracted to how the specific combination of exercises results in beautifully shaped elongated muscles which are the aesthetic goal of almost every woman.

Exercise elements

Ballet-inspired training - AM Ballet Barre Method Zagreb - Emotion Studio


  • the introductory part of the class which allows a calming of the mind, releasing control and feeling the body, thus preparing you for the main part


  • the main part of the class focused on exercises that shape and tone the physical muscles


  • the final part of the class which consists of letting go through circular movements and dance meditation.

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