AM Ballet
Barre Prenatal

AM Ballet Barre Prenatal is a method that offers pregnant women natural, comfortable and safe exercise through each stage of pregnancy.

Ballet barre prenatal

AM Ballet Barre Prenatal is a method that offers pregnant women natural, comfortable and safe exercise through each stage of pregnancy. Ana’s vision of a recreational and emotional experience of exercise is woven into this method which equally acts upon the emotional and physical being of mothers-to-be.

During pregnancy women often encounter back pain, decreased circulation, muscle spasms in legs and overall fatigue. The aforementioned situations are precisely why you should wake up your own bodies and maintain physical fitness through all of the changes that come along during pregnancy. This adapted method for pregnant women consists of an expertly developed fitness program of exercises that combine therapeutic movement with awakening natural sensuality, at the same time using the ballet barre.

Through specific exercises pregnant women learn to breathe properly, to relax deeply, to gently stretch and open the pelvis, stimulating it so that the birthing process is easier, and recovery is faster. Physical readiness during pregnancy alleviates mood changes and helps establish inner peace which is vital for the health of mother and child. Mother-to-be who are not experiencing pregnancy complications can exercise this method without any fear in order to achieve a feeling of pleasure and overall well-being. If you listen to your baby whilst exercising you will feel it mimicking your movements like a little imitator, thus developing and deepening the unbreakable bond with your little one.

Connecting the mind and the body during pregnancy, will result in a significantly easier adjustment to the new life chapter ahead – motherhood.


60 minutes, twice a week

Exercise gear

Barefoot in comfortable exercise clothing

Emotional benefit

Pregnancy is an exceptional phenomenon which carries with it a series of visible and invisible changes during all nine months. Exercising the AM Ballet Barre Prenatal Method acts not only on the physical form but also acts in an affirmative way on the emotional changes that come with pregnancy. This workout uses sensual movements to develop a feeling within your body, and you accept it along with the changes that come with pregnancy. This allows you to awaken a feminine emotions which strengthens the awareness that you are becoming a mother and you bond with your child before it meets the world around it.

Physical benefit

Exercise during pregnancy enhances circulation, muscle tone and physical shape, and along with breathing exercises it encourages a healthy and safe development of your body.

Besides, pregnant women who exercise feel less back pain, have better mobility and stronger pelvic muscles that can more easily withstand the birthing process and recovery.

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