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Ana was born in 1978 un Zagreb and already as a little girl she had the strong attitudes, courage and fearlessness of a young woman who is not afraid to follow her dreams even when they do not fit into the conventions of her surroundings. Upon completing her degree at the Faculty of Kinesiology, her passion for learning and gaining new knowledge took her to the USA, a country where physical fitness is at the forefront of healthy lifestyles. In 2004 a new opportunity arises for Ana as well as a professional challenge and she becomes a promoter for the book S Factor in Croatia. Ten months later she leaves for LA to study at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor studio. This is the first time she truly exits her comfort zone as she is introduced to a new method of exercise through pole-dance. Ana claims that she experienced a transformation from an energetic, muscular girl with somewhat tight male ideas into an equally self-confident and strong, but sensual and feminine version of herself.

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Some moments like Ana’s sudden discovery last only a short time, but they mark everything that comes after and in that moment, you know that you have found your life’s calling. Upon completing her two-month education, Ana becomes the first certified instructor of S Factor in Europe, and with the help of her experience as a trainer of aerobic and fitness as well as the knowledge she gained at university, she goes on to create a new form of exercise under the brand name Ana’s Sensual Fitness.

Nature might at first glance be a complex organism, but it is a simple system which is made up of four basic elements of life. Ana discovered that this is very similar to exercise, all the machines, weights and equipment, cannot replace that one essential aspect of human achievement, the emotional component.

And so Ana connected, at first glance simple, but for life iconic properties, body and mind with our emotional being, and this was achieved by merging two of her greatest loves – fitness and dance.

As a pioneer and innovator of techniques with an emotional component in this part of the world, she has deepened the area of classic kinesiology and opened a dialogue with all women who feel held back in today’s society. Ana’s innovative method effectively raises the level of self-confidence by changing the perception from “seeing our body” to “feeling our body” and thus allows a connection with our source and our being. Instead of a superficial experience of the body, you develop a feeling of inner beauty that is unique, authentic and only yours. Her emotional approach to exercise has been reflected in two other methods of exercise that have put Croatian fitness on a new course – AM Ballet Barre and AM Ballet Barre Prenatal.

Ana’s inextinguishable energy to teach women the values of the freedom, beauty and sensuality that they carry within, has guided her to study the psychological effect that is a result of her methods. By connecting kinesiology and psychology, a new need was born for a completely new philosophy of exercise with mental benefits, named Body Empathy technique. Today she intensely cooperates with psychologists and psychotherapists, with the goal of exploring how progressive techniques with an emotional approach affect changes in personality among women. In accordance with social changes that are happening in the world, there has never been a more developed awareness of the need to self-growth, and the best way to achieve this is through a symbiosis of body and psyche, by addressing the psychical and spiritual level of each individual.

Surrounded by women who motivate her on a daily basis, two years ago Ana got involved in volunteer work for the Association “Sve za nju“, where she works with women battling cancer. As a physical therapist she helps to mentally and physically recover from the effects of the illness. Her methods are proving their effectiveness and are returning inerasable smiles to the faces of all the women.

In 2013 Ana was invited to share her knowledge and experience with new generations of students at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. As she found her way back to where she began her journey, Ana completed a full life’s circle and now with her female spirit and ease she inspires women around herself to push the limits of physical recreation.

What our clients say about us!

I have trained many things and I have tried all kinds of stuff, from competitive sports and tournaments through dance groups and all the way to recreational jumping around a fitness room and using various equipment. However, at one point U became lazy and it was no longer fun to be part of a group and certainly not in a fitness gym. Then I met Ana. I had an aversion to the pole and a bit of a smirk too. That is not to say that I am a pole gymnast today, I am still not a close terms with it, but the way that Ana works, the way that I work out with her, the way I feel during the workout and afterwards is very special for my body. The darkness, the loud music, the dance and the emotion. All women need to try it for themselves. Ana, kudos! Thank you!

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