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I was born in Zagreb and I have lived here for 32 years.

I have a degree in social work. I work in the Home “Duga-Zagreb”, an institution for social welfare and I work with women and children who are victims of family abuse.

I live an urban lifestyle where I chose to work with people, my desire is to positively affect the people around me, motivate them, inspire them and guide them onto true life paths and decisions, which fulfills me completely.

Mostly no! Today’s tempo of living is fast, and sometimes difficult to catch, especially when you are a woman – you are always living up to someone’s expectations, and this often means forgetting about yourself, your own expectations, your own mental health.

I was searching for something different, something that would maintain my interest longer than six months and accidentally I came across Ana’s Sensual Fitness studio! And as so happens in life, there are no coincidences, because after that accidental discovery I satisfied every need for exercise – mental and physical.

It is a place where I meet my own needs, where I do not play roles if I do not want to, I do not fulfill anyone’s expectations except my own. Through every movement, I live me and explore my own essence… I learn about my femininity; I find my peace when I truly need it

I have learned to think about myself and my body. Whenever I come into the studio and the exercise room, I selfishly forget the world around me for two hours and let myself go to the moment and the emotions that I brought with me and I just move.

While I was a client of the studio I enjoyed the feeling and knowledge of my own body, but now in the role of an instructor, I have the honor of watching various women transform and grow, as each woman finds her own path by exploring herself. I watch their emotional and physical changes and I am immensely happy to be a part of that. Dance makes me happy, E-motion makes me happy, sharing this energy makes me happy and fulfilled.


I am a licensed Zumba® fitness instructor and an aficionado of group fitness with music!

Music and sport! My life was shaped by a music education and various music activities. Besides that I am intensely connected to a love towards nature and I spend a lot of time in recreational exercise and other sports activities.

During 2011 through my love of Latino music I discovered a passion for Latino dances and among them Zumba® Fitness, which won me over with the first dance steps and so started a love affair that is still strong today.

I gained a license as instructor of “Zumba® Fitness”, and further developed through “Zumba® Pro-skills”, then I got a license as instructor for “Zumba® Toning” as a separate program, (and some additional e-learning programs from the fields of “Zumba ® Core” and “Brazil”). Along with that I have completed my education as “Instructor of group fitness with music” at the education center “Magistra” which was necessary to merge all of the knowledge.

I am a member of the ZIN™ Organization with many years of experience in leading group workouts of Zumba ® Fitness. As a ZIN member I have exclusive perks of using the official program of Zumba Fitness, which follows all global trends when it comes to Latino music and group fitness accompanied by music under the collective name “Zumba.”

First of all it is a strong, fun and interesting workout, as a combination of intense aerobic exercise with isolations, something similar to interval training. The choreographies are set to current popular hits but also old classics, especially from the area of South America but also Africa. Every class is a special dance party where you will forget that you are getting a serious workout and you will go home with fewer calories, less stress and a huge smile on your face.

Good energy, excellent music and simple and effective choreographies with a focus on fitness variations of dance moves and suggestive guidance. Every woman feels like a dance diva and a fitness queen.


Since I was eighteen years old, I have been searching for happiness, the basic human right that the USA has woven into its constitution. The pursuit of happiness for me is a pursuit for the meaning of life and even as a child I felt that the meaning of life cannot be tears, blood and sweat as we were taught by our parents and the system. So my first and basic desire is to find that uncatchable thing – happiness!

As a child I knew there had to be something more, something better and more beautiful. My path was full of challenges and obstacles, but five years ago when I hit rock bottom, I found the Holy Grail of happiness. When I found happiness everything else fell into place – health, love, success.

In the last 25 years, I learned, experienced and lived through a lot, maybe even more than some people in a lifetime, and I want to share my secret of happiness with you. I couldn’t imagine a better place to do that than right here in the heart of feminine energy and strength – E-motion studio.

I invite you to come with me on a surreal and fantastic journey of a lifetime. A journey towards happiness, pleasure, health, love and success. Dare to step into another world because you are WORTH it!
— XoXo


As an instructor of group fitness through music as a licensed Zumba® fitness instructor. A great atmosphere in the studio attracts positive people, encourages activity and amazing fun which is exactly what defines Zumba fitness.

I have been an active member of the Student cultural-artistic society (SKUD) “Ivan Goran Kovačić” since I was fifteen, where I participated in the folklore ensemble for twenty years. Traveling the world with the troupe I studied dance culture in the countries I visited.

Music fulfills every part of my life, a instigator of every moment, as well as an exit form difficult situations, fun and movement and dance…

I have been active with Hi-Lo, Step aerobics and Tae Bo since the 90ies, and in 2012 I discovered Zumba fitness and I became a licensed instructor of Zumba® fitness.

Yes, and I became licensed for Zumba Kids and Zumba Jr. Fitness , Pro skills and e-learning Zumba Core, besides that, I completed instructor training, necessary for group programs with music through the education center “Magistra”. I am also an active member of the ZIN™ Organization.

When we decide to exercise, then it can become a lifestyle. Everyone has to find a type of exercise that suits them. My moto is to enjoy every workout which is what I found in Zumba fitness.

Passion and love towards what you are doing. Initiate positive energy, transfer it onto your clients, allow them to feel good and share the pleasure of the day.


From an early age I have always been athletic and physically active. With athlete parents it could not be any different. I have actively pursued dance, cross-country, tennis, volleyball, softball, ice-hockey and fencing. Recreationally I a still searching for new challenges and new physical activities.

I fell in love with the Ana’s Sensual Fitness program at my first class. The positive energy that permeated the studio and the women in it was contagious and addictive.

I would describe it as a freedom that carries me while I dance, a natural instinct that pushes me to exit my head and forces me FLY!

Just like so many other things in my life, I did not decide to become an instructor it simply happened naturally. After years of exercising and at the moment when I was subconsciously searching for a new challenge Ana felt my energy and invited me to try to experience ASF form a different perspective. And so I entered instructor’s school and as the saying goes “The rest is history!”

Considering the fact that I am a teacher by profession it did not take me long to perfect the pedagogical techniques. With regards to kinesiology and exercise techniques that are unique to ASF all that was necessary was to trust my body and to be open to new experiences. Intuitively, through the guidance of my mentors I acquired the necessary knowledge and skills and with my girls in my groups I continue to grow naturally to this day.

Absolutely! Each of us carries and hides quite a bit within. Meeting your alter ego is the beginning of a journey that allows us to get to know and explore ourselves. I would love for every woman to get the chance to meet her alter ego and to love it just like I experienced in E-motion studio.

I am motivated by each class. As an instructor I love to observe how each woman takes the experience of pole-dance and transforms it into a personal experience that awakens strength and beauty in oneself and others! I love being a part of a group of women that look forward to new challenges and support each other on that path!

My message is very simple – decide to do the best thing for yourself. Every woman deserves at least two hours a week for herself, to get to know herself, her body and to come back to that primal feeling of femininity that is within each of us. That is what E-motion studio offers.


Besides being a Pilates and Booty/Core instructor my specialty is circuit training for the glutes and abdominals.

I started working in the fitness field at age 17 and as I am now 35, that means I have been motivating myself and others to exercise and care for their body for a full 18 years.

That is a question best posed to my clients, but if I had to describe myself, I would say that I am a happy and very open instructor, and I don’t accept slacking off.

My love of sports began in childhood when I began training tennis. That love lasted for 9 years and to this day I am sorry I did not pursue it professionally.

Yes, in 2017 I was selected by Sport Vision Croatia for the brand Champion to be the face of their Spring campaign. A very interesting experience considering that I pursue modeling in my free time.

My favorite is definitely the plank, in all of its variations. I love this exercise because it engages the entire core and body and you can play with balance yet at the same time with strength and stamina.

Focus! The most important thing. A proper diet and sleep are important factors after strength and stamina workouts, which is exactly what Booty/Core workout is. This is a circuit workout that is very effective if you give 100% of yourself to it.

The first results can be seen after 2 months of intense training. Generally, exercise should become a part of everyone’s lifestyle, because the feeling of your body seeking more and stronger is truly one of the best feelings in the world, but that does not come immediately. Effort rewards completely when a person refuses to give up. That is my moto.

Psyche is definitely first and stronger than anything else. We do not have to and we cannot be in exceptional physical shape if we are just starting to change our life. To begin we must be strong in our mind and create a picture of how we can, and we want to. Physical form domes quickly if we want it. My classes include complete beginners as well as active participants who always demand more.

That is right, my classes are for everyone. Beginners first and foremost require adaptation and someone who understands them, but also someone who will push them forward and not let the workout become resentful, but rather to feel safe, to feel belonging and motivation which is always key to achieving your goals. What is your goal and how to achieve it is an exercise that lasts a lifetime, it keeps our bodies vital and toned but it also keeps us healthy. Our bodies are the only place we have to live for the entirety of our lives.


My 41 years have taught me that in life it is never too late.

My story began with Ana’s Sensual Fitness 9 years ago. My story opened my view, strengthened me form outside and within and gave me a new dimension to my everyday life.

Behind the doors of the studio, in the exercise room you find your own little oasis, an escape from every day worries and stress. By dancing you exercise, tone your body, relax your thoughts and push your limits. You go home with the biggest smile on your face. Ready for a new day and new challenges. Fulfilled, strong and free. This is not a fairytale, it is “just” ASF. And it is me!

Mother of two, dog owner, housewife, driver, cook, businesswoman, no different than all other women. And last but certainly not least, an instructor of this beautiful program!

It is very important. Most women who come only discover that they have buried this feminine side, this gentle and vulnerable side after the first classes. And that does not even touch upon sensuality. It is a beautiful feel to awaken within that which is already a part of you. To not be ashamed, of your body, of your emotions. You are overwhelmed by a feeling that once appears never disappears again.

There are no limits or obstacles for women who decide to devote time to themselves, their psychological and physical health, if they want to. This method of exercise is completely unaggressive, the workout can be adapted to everyone and each woman can push her limits to the point that is comfortable for her. And this precisely is the difference between ASF and all other types of exercise.

I can answer this question using a quote “There are shortcuts to happiness, dance is one of those shortcuts.”

It is never only one word that comes to mind but rather three that come in a package: Sensuality, Freedom and Happiness!

What our clients say about us!

I have trained many things and I have tried all kinds of stuff, from competitive sports and tournaments through dance groups and all the way to recreational jumping around a fitness room and using various equipment. However, at one point U became lazy and it was no longer fun to be part of a group and certainly not in a fitness gym. Then I met Ana. I had an aversion to the pole and a bit of a smirk too. That is not to say that I am a pole gymnast today, I am still not a close terms with it, but the way that Ana works, the way that I work out with her, the way I feel during the workout and afterwards is very special for my body. The darkness, the loud music, the dance and the emotion. All women need to try it for themselves. Ana, kudos! Thank you!

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