Fitness: Mom & Baby

The exercises are a combination of various elements based on Pilates and adapted to new mothers in accordance with their physical condition. For this especially designed program, expert experience advises that babies be at least four months old.

Mom & Baby Workout

Mom & Baby Workout is a fun and relaxing form of exercise for the entire body and for every body. It does not matter if you are a beginner, recreational athlete or a professional athlete, Mom & Baby Workout is appropriate for you and it can be performed by anyone.

For women who have just given birth the term exercise can seem like mission impossible. Not even superheroes in movies can manage to accomplish in a day all that a mother does. And how then to fit exercise and getting back in shape after childbirth into the equation?

Keeping in mind that mothers do not have time that they can dedicate only to themselves, E-motion studio has designed a recreational program adapted to mom and babies! This way, moms can have a healthy and safe way to get back into shape after pregnancy, to regenerate their body and min with exercises that relieve stress, bring themselves into a state of psychophysical balance, and at the same time spend precious time with their little ones.

Babies can be actively included in the exercise where mothers perform the exercises with the babies, and when they do not feel like it, they can play alongside their mothers and observe their mothers’ movements which children often enjoy imitating. Exercise transfers releases positive energy and this joint activity will bring out smiles on the faces of the little ones and it will give mothers back control over their bodies.

Come to E-motion studio together with your Little ones and we will show you that you are supermoms who can exercise and take care of their children at the same time!


60 minutes, twice a week

Exercise gear

Comfortable exercise clothing and footwear.

Physical benefit

Mom & Baby Workout is the ideal recreation for women who are looking for a program that relaxes the body and mind whilst developing abdominal strength, flexibility, and increasing the range of motion. A gentle approach contributes to shaping lean feminine muscles. Regular exercise brings about correct posture and correct movement will alleviate painful areas in your body and decrease pressure on areas such as joints and the back.

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