Humanitarian work

How to become a humanitarian? It requires only one predisposition, to be human towards the people around you. You do not have to find a solution to global hunger, poverty or disease, but you can be a person. If you observe the moments around you, you will find many women who are fighting for their lives in many different ways, and some are even fighting for a TOMORROW.

For over two years Ana has been actively involved in the humanitarian work of the association “Sve za Nju”, whose chief mission is to help women suffering from malignant diseases. These are women warriors for whom life has taken away the luxury of delaying things for tomorrow. More than anyone else they are aware of the relativity of time which is in an unmerciful race against us. For this particular reason, E-motion studio has opened its door to the women of the association “Sve za Nju”, because change begins NOW.

Dance therapy based on the Body Empathy technique has proven to be a successful method for a healthier and more pleasing recovery for the women suffering of malignant diseases. These women want to get to know their own bodies better, understand their bodies and most important of all, love their bodies. In the midst of the illness women are faced with life’s biggest fears, and Ana’s exercise techniques with an emotional component help them achieve body and mind balance, a mastery of personal emotions and help them transform emotions into a weapon against the negative flow of thoughts.

E-motion studio continues its humanitarian activities through the organization of events as well as by raising awareness about the importance of exercise in the prevention and battle against malignant diseases. Follow us and together with us support the association “Sve za Nju”, because women are the greatest inspiration for other women!

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