There are between 6000 and 7000 languages in the world spoken by more than 7 billion people, but there is only one universal language of the female body. E-motion has the mission of continuing the tradition of female feeling and knowing one’s own body through dance movement which is known to humans since the dawn of time.

Born and raised in a contemporary society that has successful fought for the rights of women, Ana has always had a need to give back to the female community. Her professional direction as a kinesiologist has guided her to exercise designed specifically for women on a multidimensional level that awakens a feeling of pleasure. Ana quickly recognized that there is an untapped interspace among women who feel that they need to exercise in order to remain fit and those that do not want to exercise because physical activity represents effort and physical exhaustion..

All that was needed was a secret recipe which would activate both categories in women in a healthy and pleasurable way of exercise. As such it is hidden in the emotional component. Thus, arose the desire and need for a place that would change perception of seeing the body and that would offer women a safe oasis for connecting physical, sensual and mental. Only by changing our perspective can we together break down the stigma of physical beauty and transform it into the beauty of feeling the body, which is more important because it has the power to construct your emotional health. In Ana’s studio you will be introduced to exercise that moves you in a fun and rhythmic way so that with time you will forget that you are exercising, and your body will be filled with feelings of pleasure and joy. The unique combination of techniques allows you to dance and exercise simultaneously, which will make all resistance towards exercise disappear. Ana’s philosophy of exercise will become your lifestyle. With each woman that accepts and loves her body, each woman that breaks down social stereotypes, limits and prejudice, Ana’s mission and life philosophy continues to grow, strengthen, and develop..

What our clients say about us!

I have trained many things and I have tried all kinds of stuff, from competitive sports and tournaments through dance groups and all the way to recreational jumping around a fitness room and using various equipment. However, at one point U became lazy and it was no longer fun to be part of a group and certainly not in a fitness gym. Then I met Ana. I had an aversion to the pole and a bit of a smirk too. That is not to say that I am a pole gymnast today, I am still not a close terms with it, but the way that Ana works, the way that I work out with her, the way I feel during the workout and afterwards is very special for my body. The darkness, the loud music, the dance and the emotion. All women need to try it for themselves. Ana, kudos! Thank you!

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Iva Šulentić
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