Private classes - take a journey with Ana

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Private classes - take
a journey with Ana

At her private classes master of kinesiology Ana Kuhanec Brašnović, merges the science of kinesiology with knowledge of psychology of emotional impact which is reflected in a unique and healthier approach to exercise. With Ana’s expert mentoring you will surrender yourself to meditative dance which will lead you to new dimensions and a continuum where the physical meets the emotional.

Learn to initiate certain physical reactions with your emotions, how to enjoy physical exercise and how to manage your own body, the way you perceive it, and not the way others see it. This approach to exercise allows you to resolve negative changes on a physical level which may unbalance you and which affect your psyche by draining vital reserves of energy. During your sessions you can choose to use the pole-dance techniques from the program Ana’s Sensual Fitness or to focus on exercising with an emotional element without using the pole.

Whichever method you choose, the common framework is the specially formed technique of circular movements which awaken the sensuality of a woman and develop a completely different feeling within the body. Private classes can be viewed as a journey with Ana, as personal development, where you will learn to rebuild your lost self-confidence, raise your level of self-respect, and gain pleasure in your physical appearance.

Ana Kuhanec Brašnović - Private classes - E-motion Studio Zagreb

Program duration

90 minutes

What to bring to class?

Comfortable sports clothing and footwear.

Benefits of private classes

Private classes are intended for all women regardless of age or physical condition, who are looking for a personalized approach to physical and emotional experience. Ana’s longstanding expertise in creating exercises for women and her unique psychological approach, allow you to experience a class adapted to your own wishes and needs. For women who are dealing with challenges related to weight, there is the possibility of using the services of specialists nutrition experts who are partners of E-motion Studio. Such a holistic combination of services allows each woman to efficiently shape her body, develop long and lean muscles, decrease body weight, increase the level of self-confidence and achieve emotional balance. Through meditative dance you will get to know your alter ego which lives within you and you will learn to nurture your more gentle and sensual side which does not make you weaker, but rather makes you a stronger and more self-aware woman. During the class, listen to your body and experience it on a new dimension, and the happiness that will permeate through you in moments of emotional experience of the body, has the power to satisfy you and to release the fears and insecurities that you have built up around your inner gentle and sensual feminine being.

Working with overweight women

Obesity is a problem of being overweight that many women today battle, but it is not just a physical challenge but also a psychological one. Ana recognized that her exercise techniques that affect the psycho-physical state of an individual, have a healing effect on obese women who first and foremost require emotional support as well as appropriate physical activity. Her experience working with obese persons comes from the RTL reality show “Život na vagi”, where participants choose to enroll in a rigorous program of weight loss and changes leading towards a healthy lifestyle. People who are overweight, find short-term stimulants of happiness in food. Ana’s private classes with circular movements and dance therapy, cause women to feel emotional pleasure which is a much more powerful source of happiness and has longer lasting effects. This leads to weight loss, and physical activity is not experienced as torturous but rather as a positive and satisfying experience. This unique approach to exercise, heals not only visible consequences of obesity but also touches upon the deeper sources of the problem. Exercise with an emotional component attacks the invisible, psychological cause of obesity which is hidden in the lack of self-confidence, insecurity and dissatisfaction with physical appearance by creating a healthier and more positive change in our perception of our body.

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